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Portable source

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Nowadays, with the increasing performance of mobile phones, people spend more and more time using mobile phones, and the corresponding charging demand is more and more intense. In the absence of major breakthroughs in battery technology, mobile phone standby time is becoming shorter and shorter. People can't help suffering from charging dependence. In this case, mobile power applications come into being.

Mobile power supply is a portable charger which can be carried by individuals and can store electric energy. It is mainly used to charge consumer electronic products such as handheld mobile devices (such as wireless phones, notebook computers), especially when there is no external power supply. Its main components include: batteries for energy storage, circuits for stabilizing output voltage (DC-DC converters), and most mobile power supplies with chargers for charging built-in batteries.

Nanxin keeps pace with the times and introduces a variety of mobile power supply solutions, including SOC and boost and buck chips combined with MCU. All kinds of solutions always adhere to the principle of safety as the first, providing customers with comprehensive security protection. Support from 1 lithium battery to 3 lithium batteries, from fixed 5V input and output to support a variety of protocols, always at the forefront of the industry, to help customers quickly realize product design, quickly to market.


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