12 mΩ Power Switch with Curernt Limit and Charging Port Controller

The SC7000 is a power switch which integrates an ultra-low Rdson (12mΩ) N-channel MOSFET. It is designed for USB port applications or other applications which require high current switch. It provides current limit function, and the current limit can be programmable through an external resistor. The SC7000 also integrates USB charging port controller function. It can support traditional type A USB port with DP and DM signals. It monitors the DP/DM data line voltage and automatically supports the DCP schemes for Battery Charging specification (BC1.2), the divider Mode and 1.2V/1.2V Mode. The SC7000 also supports various protections, including over voltage protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection, and thermal shutdown protection. The SC7000 requires a minimum number of external components to complete USB switch and charging port solution. It is available in TSOT23-6 package.


●   12mΩ Ultra-low Rdson NMOS Switch


●   Programmable Current Limit


●   ± 5% Current Limit Accuracy at typical application


●   Built-in Soft-Start


●   Ultra-low Operation Current


●   USB Charging Port Controller Function

√ Battery Charging specification BC1.2 for DCP

√ Chinese telecommunication industrial standard YD/T 1591-2009

√ D+/D- option for Apple device (2.4A)

√ D+/D- option for Samsung device


●   Input Over Voltage Protection


●   Input Under Voltage Protection


●   Short Circuit Protection


●   Dual Thermal Shutdown Protection Block


●   ±8kV HBM ESD Rating for USB IO pins


●   TSOT23-6 package


●   USB chargers




●   USB power supplies


●   USB peripherals

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